numu® Water-Repellent Crib Base Protector

Goes beneath the baby's sleep surface to collect bodily fluids and to protect the bottom of the crib and the floor. Comes with raised edges to prevent spills.

crib base protector next to its package

Practically Designed

Keeping the baby’s sleeping environment and the crib base or floor ultimately clean and hygienic, with minimum maintenance on the parents’ side.

corner of crib base protector with water on it on white background

Preventing Spillage & Stains

The protector stops urine, vomit, and other potential contaminants from contacting the crib or the floor.

corner of crib base protector showing raised edges

Hard Raised Edges

The edges stop the collected liquids from overflowing from the protector and make it easier to pick up.

hand holding crib base protector by its edges with liquids staying inside

Easy-Peezy Solution

When the ‘peezy’ happens, hold the crib base protector by the corners and take it to the bathroom for a cleanup. Easy!

Crib Base Protector Dimensions

The dimensions are 40" x 27.5". The size is smaller than the breathable mattress intentionally. This is important to allow free air circulation, while maintaining a proper level of protection against spillage and stains.

crib base protector dimensions
hands washing crib base protector in sink

Cleanups Are Easy

In most cases, giving the protector a rinse in the shower will make it sufficiently clean and ready to be used again. If required, wash the oilcloth with mild soap. Machine washing is not recommended, as it might reduce the water-repelling capabilities of the fabric.

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Shop More Accessories for the numu® air™ Sleep Surface

Offer your baby the best!

numu® air™ Breathe-Through Bedsheet

Perforated for permeability and made of hypoallergenic fabric, this is the only bedsheet that keeps the numu® air™ sleep surface breathable.

Designed for numu® air™, the legs provide a slight inclination (up to 7°) for the sleep surface to help the baby breathe and improve overall sleep when needed.

Special adapter for breathing and motion monitors. The adaptor sends vibrations from the numu® air™ net to the sensor pad of the detecting device.

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No Harmful Substances

At numu® air™, we prioritize the well-being of your little one above everything. That’s why our breathable sleeping surface proudly boasts the UL Greenguard Gold certification, surpassing even the strict standards set by the US government. This certification is our badge of honor, symbolizing our commitment to providing the safest sleeping environment.

Recyclable Materials

numu® air™ isn’t just about giving your tiny dreamer a safe spot to snooze; it’s about loving our planet, too. From packaging to the product, numu® air™ embodies sustainability. Fully recyclable, it represents a choice for eco-conscious families, marrying quality with environmental stewardship.

numu air amazon crib mattress with greenguard certification confirmed

numu® air™ is UL Greenguard Gold Certified for low chemical emissions