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Embracing Sustainability, One Nap at a Time

As we’re ensuring safety and sweet dreams for your little ones, we're deeply committed to the planet they'll inherit. Every choice we make, from design to delivery of numu® air™ sleep surface, is guided by our dedication to environmental responsibility.

numu air amazon crib mattress with greenguard certification confirmed

Mindful Recyclable Materials for a Healthier Planet

The numu® air™ sleep surface and accessories are crafted from carefully selected, sustainable materials. The unique mesh fabric not only offers unparalleled breathability and hygiene for your baby but is also produced with minimal environmental impact. We use eco-friendly processes to reduce waste and conserve water, ensuring that our products are as gentle on the earth as they are on your baby.

All the parts of numu® air™ sleep surface are recyclable, including the packaging it comes in. 

Low-Impact Production, High-Quality Sleep

Sustainability shapes our manufacturing process. We’ve streamlined production to minimize energy consumption and carbon footprint without compromising on quality or safety. By investing in advanced, eco-efficient technologies, numu® air™ delivers an exceptional infant mattress that parents can trust for their little ones while supporting our planet’s well-being.

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A Commitment to Future Generations

Choosing numu® air™ is more than just a newborn crib mattress decision for your baby’s safety and comfort: it’s a step towards a better future. We are continuously exploring innovative ways to enhance our sustainability efforts, from recyclable packaging to researching eco-friendly material advancements. Our goal is to nurture not only the development of your child but also the health of the world they live in.

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No Harmful Substances

At numu® air™, we prioritize the well-being of your little one above everything. That’s why our breathable sleeping surface proudly boasts the UL Greenguard Gold certification, surpassing even the strict standards set by the US government. This certification is our badge of honor, symbolizing our commitment to providing the safest sleeping environment.

Recyclable Materials

numu® air™ isn’t just about giving your tiny dreamer a safe spot to snooze; it’s about loving our planet, too. From packaging to the product, numu® air™ embodies sustainability. Fully recyclable, it represents a choice for eco-conscious families, marrying quality with environmental stewardship.

numu air amazon crib mattress with greenguard certification confirmed

numu® air™ is UL Greenguard Gold Certified for low chemical emissions