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Making the Responsible Choice

We all know how important it is to have a breathable crib mattress for your baby. Finally, there’s a breathable sleep surface that one can actually breathe through. And no compromise has been made in any other feature that a baby mattress has to have. That’s what we call responsible.

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Embracing the Innovation

If you read the other five reasons why you should consider getting the numu® air™ sleeping surface instead of a any other mattress, you know by now that the safest mattress for your baby is not a mattress at all. 

Choosing numu® air™ is more than just selecting an infant bed mattress: it’s about adopting a new standard for breathable mattresses. With its truly breathe-through design, numu® air™ ensures unmatched air circulation to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your baby. This responsible choice reflects a commitment to combining cutting-edge technology with the essential features that every baby mattress should offer.

All-in-One Infant Mattress

numu® air™ stands out as the all-in-one solution that reliably blends safety, comfort, and convenience. It goes beyond traditional expectations to deliver a sleep surface that’s breathable, hygienic, and supportive, all while being incredibly easy to maintain. By choosing numu® air™, you’re providing your baby with the best without having to compromise on any aspect of their sleep environment.

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mother patting baby who is lying supine on numu air standard crib mattress

Resting Assured

With numu® air™, peace of mind comes standard. This revolutionary sleep surface offers more than exceptional breathability: it integrates safety, comfort, and hygiene, ensuring your baby rests in an environment designed with well-being at the forefront. Making this choice means you’re not just opting for a mattress but for an assurance that your baby’s sleep is as secure as it is serene.

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Be a Responsible Parent

Explore all 6 reasons why to buy your baby a numu® air™ surface instead of a mattress:

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Because Safety Matters

numu® air™ is aimed at reducing SIDS risk factors. Feel safer, even if your baby turns over to sleep on their stomach

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Because Baby Health Is Important

Our sleep surface reduces the risks associated with allergies and asthma. It’s also free of harmful substances

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Because Sleep Quality Is Crucial

The net provides air circulation and fluid permeability, which means a dryer sleep for your newborn

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Because there’s deep science behind it

numu® air’s breathability and safety were researched, tested, reviewed, certified, and patented

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Because It's So Easy to Use and to Clean

As a parent, you will definitely appreciate the zero-effort use and cleaning of the numu® air™ sleep surface

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Because You're a Responsible Parent

You agree to embrace the new standard for breathable mattresses, when choosing numu® air™

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No Harmful Substances

At numu® air™, we prioritize the well-being of your little one above everything. That’s why our breathable sleeping surface proudly boasts the UL Greenguard Gold certification, surpassing even the strict standards set by the US government. This certification is our badge of honor, symbolizing our commitment to providing the safest sleeping environment.

Recyclable Materials

numu® air™ isn’t just about giving your tiny dreamer a safe spot to snooze; it’s about loving our planet, too. From packaging to the product, numu® air™ embodies sustainability. Fully recyclable, it represents a choice for eco-conscious families, marrying quality with environmental stewardship.

numu air amazon crib mattress with greenguard certification confirmed

numu® air™ is UL Greenguard Gold Certified for low chemical emissions