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It is really easy to understand the difference if you think about the revolutionary structure of numu® air™ which has a breathable net structure, compare to the other breathable mattresses in the market which have a thickness and a volume of material between the surface of the mattress and its bottom part. Since numu® air™ is a net, (a) CO2 cannot be trapped inside the mattress so the baby cannot rebreathe CO2 which is the cause of suffocation. numu® air™ surpasses other “breathable” mattresses with 23 times higher airflow and 2.4 times better CO2 dispersion (b) the mattress cannot absorb heat so the baby would not overheat, (c) fluids will pass through the net and not accumulate near the baby’s airways and (d) the mattress is lightweight and easy to wash so you can wash it regularly in the bathtub and reduce the accumulation of bacteria and dust. Read more about tests run by an independent lab, comparing numu® air™ to other breathable mattresses.

While no product can completely eliminate the risk of SIDS, numu® air™ is engineered to address and mitigate several contributing factors, such as rebreathing of CO2 due to poor air circulation and overheating, both are known risk factors of SIDS. providing a safer sleep environment. numu® air™ has been tested by independent labs and proved to outperform other breathable mattresses on the market.

Read more about tests and certifications.

By enhancing air circulation and its light weight, which allows the sleep surface to be washed regularly in the bathtub, numu® air™ reduces the risk of bacteria, fungi, and dust mite accumulation, which are all known triggers of Asthma. Its hypoallergenic design and the fact that it helps the baby stay dry further protect against common infant health issues, making it a top choice for conscientious parents.

Read more about health benefits, associated with numu® air™.

If your baby spits up or wets the bed at night, since a lot of the liquid will pass through to under the net, simply move them to a dry area on the mattress, clean the soiled spot with a wipe, and return to sleep. Come morning, it’s advisable to thoroughly clean the mattress and its underside, as previously detailed, to ensure everything is fresh and hygienic for your baby’s next sleep.

Weighing just 6.5 pounds (2.9 kilograms), numu® air™ is very lightweight, about 50% of the weight of other mattresses. This makes it easy to carry and move around, and it ensures easy cleaning without compromising on safety or quality.

Yes, the numu® air™ sleep surface is designed for ease of cleaning. Its quick-dry netting and non-rusting components make it suitable for regular shower cleaning, using mild soap as needed. For comprehensive cleaning tips and maintenance advice, visit our care instructions page. Generally, for optimal hygiene, we suggest washing the numu® air™ mattress with soap and warm water once a week or after nights when your baby has spit up or wet the bed, especially during potty training. It’s also a good idea to check weekly for any dust and dirt accumulation underneath the mattress, as both can pass through the net.

Certainly, numu® air™ is engineered with a focus on providing optimal orthopedic support, ensuring it supports proper spinal alignment for babies up to 33 lbs. It has successfully passed the stringent firmness test for crib mattresses conducted by a U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission accredited lab, confirming its compliance with critical safety standards, including CPSIA rules: ASTM F2933-21 and 16 CFR 1241 safety standards for crib mattresses. This certification underscores our dedication to safety and ensures that our product offers a secure and supportive sleeping environment, ideal for the developmental needs of infants.

Designed with growth in mind, numu® air™ accommodates your baby’s increasing weight and size, maintaining comfort and safety. Its durable structure and adjustable design adapt to your growing baby, ensuring lasting use. numu® air™ is certified to provide proper orthopedic support for all babies: from newborn to the age when they stop sleeping in a crib.

Yes you can, but a regular sheet would block the breathability attributes of any breathable mattress or surface.

It’s best to use the specially designed numu® bed sheets for the numu® air™ sleep surface. These sheets are made from a unique 100% cotton mesh fabric that has holes in it to allow for optimal airflow and liquid permeability, ensuring that the mattress retains its full range of benefits. While you might be tempted to use regular sheets, remember that doing so will inevitably compromise the breathability and overall effectiveness of the numu® air™ sleeping surface.

We recommend washing the sheets and comfort layer regularly, depending on use. Care instructions and recommendations are available on our care and maintenance page.

No, warming a baby is not a purpose of any mattress. Parents are instructed to follow the recommendations for a room temperature of 68-72°F and dress their baby appropriately for the season. Remember, the main concern is overheating. A room temperature comfortable for an adult is also suitable for a baby.

numu® air™ is designed to fit standard 52″x28″ cribs, ensuring a proper fit. For your reference, the exact dimensions are: Legth: 51.6″; Width: 27.3″, Thickness: 3.4″.

numu® air™ is made from baby-safe, chemical-free materials, ensuring a non-toxic sleep environment. It boasts a UL Gold certification for safety and is 100% recyclable, highlighting our commitment to both your baby’s well-being and environmental sustainability.

Assembly and disassembly are straightforward, with step-by-step guides available in video and PDF formats. Instructions are detailed on our User Manual and Assembly Guide page.

Unfortunately, no. If the net is damaged, replacing it is the best way to ensure that all the unique advantages of the numu® air™ sleeping surface remain intact. Please contact us on the Customer Support page.

Yes, the numu® air™ features a unique Elevation Legs accessory, enabling one side of the mattress to be elevated at the baby’s head area. This could serve as an alternative to putting pillows under the mattress or makeshift solutions.

Yes, numu® air™ is fully compatible with breathing and movement monitors through the use of our specially designed adapter for breathing and movement monitors. This simple and easy-to-use adapter ensures the baby’s movements are accurately conveyed to the monitor placed beneath the mattress base, effectively reducing false alarm incidences. Our adapter bridges the gap between the monitor’s sensor pad and the net, facilitating reliable detection of your baby’s slightest movements. Just install your chosen device under the sleep surface, connect it to the air net with the adapter, and you’ve got a highly secure sleeping environment for your little one.

We highly recommend the numu® water-repellent crib base protector because the numu® air™ mattress, with its superior fluid permeability, allows liquids and spit-ups to pass through down to the crib’s base or, in tiered beds, potentially onto the floor, creating messes and stains.

To address this, we designed the numu® base protector, which is placed underneath the mattress, efficiently and simply collecting any fluids. Unlike common protectors in the market, our base protector is made from a dense fabric with a specially thick barrier that prevents any liquid from leaking out. Cleaning the protector is a breeze; just gather its edges and take it to the bathroom for a wash, ensuring nothing spills out.

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No Harmful Substances

At numu® air™, we prioritize the well-being of your little one above everything. That’s why our breathable sleeping surface proudly boasts the UL Greenguard Gold certification, surpassing even the strict standards set by the US government. This certification is our badge of honor, symbolizing our commitment to providing the safest sleeping environment.

Recyclable Materials

numu® air™ isn’t just about giving your tiny dreamer a safe spot to snooze; it’s about loving our planet, too. From packaging to the product, numu® air™ embodies sustainability. Fully recyclable, it represents a choice for eco-conscious families, marrying quality with environmental stewardship.

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numu® air™ is UL Greenguard Gold Certified for low chemical emissions